5 Best Solar Bird Bath Fountains & Pumps (2020)

Although you can put in order your contemporary bird bath with an electric fountain pump, have you ever thought of a solar alternative. Having a bird bath shows that how close you’re already to Mother Nature… but what is stopping you from switching to a more nature-friendly power source? Why you’re not taking advantage of a free power source and invest in a solar bird bath?

The best solar bird baths and fountains not only beautify your lawn but also serve to be a free power source of fresh water for the birds. They love the supply of clean, flowing water (1).

Solar bird baths and fountains don’t have any cords and they don’t make any noise either. Most of all, their setup and maintenance is not a problem at all.

So being a bird lover myself, I have developed this guide to help you out in finding the best solar birdbaths and fountains. I’ll explain to you all the details you want to know before you bring one for your garden!

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Types of solar bird baths

Free-standing pump

  • This pump is quite popular because of its durability and solid construction. It houses a good quality solar panel that can accumulate energy easily from the sun for keeping the fountain operational without any issues.
  • I love its mechanism that works with a bird bath fountain or even a small pond. The pump has the ability to maximize the oxygen content that flows through the bird bath and improves water circulation.

Floating fountain pump

  • This unit is quite popular because of its plug-n-play capabilities. It can start working immediately when you are done with the setup. It doesn’t come with a power storage battery, so this unit is entirely powered by sunlight.
  • The pump is available in different head and neck lengths so you can utilize it in several ways. It is effortless to install and maintain.
    What I love about this pump is that it can conveniently circulate water across your garden and helps in improved oxygenation. Your birds will remain in a nice and tidy environment.

Solar pump kit

  • This kit is directed towards increasing the oxygenation of your pond and improving water circulation at the same time. This is a true economic option for those of you who are short on budget.
  • But you won’t have to compromise on the beauty and ambiance that it can create in your outdoor space. It comes with a removable nozzle; cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.

Pedestal bird baths

  • These are conventional in their design but available in many colors. These are one of the best bird baths out there, as they come with a large-sized bowl that offers plenty of space for different birds to come and have while splashing or drinking water. 
  • You can place small stones or gravel layers under the basin to provide the birds with solid footing so they can feel safer during splashing.

Already have a bird bath? Do you need a new one?

This is a valid question because you won’t find it compelling to invest in a new bird bath if you already have one. If you have been struggiling attracting birds you might need a new bird bath more than you think!

It might make a lot of noise

If your current one works on a pump or electricity, there will be some cords. And the pump itself makes a lot of noise. This can be a scare factor for the birds and they will be hesitant to visit your place (2).

It might be too deep

Old fashioned bird baths are too deep and these are not ideal for the birds. They love shallow water to drink and bathe. This is essential for them to keep their feathers clean.
Therefore, you need to go for a bird bath that is not too deep and allows the birds to bathe conveniently.

The best bird bath

To keep things tidy and quite you need to buy a shallow solar bird bath for your garden (3). If you already own a bird bath, you can add the solar-powered bird bath fountain kit to it.

You will not only manage to save on utility bills but can also create a nice and cozy environment for the feathered friends. I would recommend you to go for a solar pump kit because it is effortless to install and maintain.

Back in the day when I converted my standard bird bath to solar, I found that a number of different birds found their way to my garden and they stayed there for a long time too.

This all happens due to the quiet operation of solar units. By removing the tangling cords, the lawn looks nice and clean too. The best part was the insects in that area declined too (4).

You can go for an integrated kit if you live in an area where there is not much sunlight available. However, if your bird bath is already working well and is being visited by the birds despite being too noisy, don’t go for a solar option

Tips for using solar bird baths and fountains

As a bird lover, by following pro tips, you can treat yourself with birds whirling around your bird bath.

  1. Keep your pump clean because it can get clogged with organic and bird debris. Most of the pumps feature a spongy plastic filter. You can clean it with a nice blast using a hose. Or you can use a weak bleach fluid for cleaning it. Make a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water and rinse the filter well. As disappointing as it may sound, but there is no self-cleaning pump available on the market as yet!
  2. Keep the water clean and don’t let it be filled with bird waste. This is not good, both for the pump and the birds.
  3. Use a stiff-bristle brush to clean the pump. You can use the bleach solution here again if the bird bath is really dirty.
  4. Don’t allow the water to get too low either. If the pump keeps on running dry, you will damage it. This will also affect your solar bird bath bubbler.
  5. Go for an adequately deep bird bath. Running a fountain will increase evaporation in the bath. Therefore, you will need a high volume of water with a deep bath. The water in the bath should be enough to cover the pump (5).
  6. Place your bird bath where you can conveniently enjoy the show. Moving water is a bird magnet and you need to place the fountain where you can see everything (6).
  7. Your bird bath must be able to withstand the elements. This is due to the fact that you will most probably place it outside where it is exposed. So, it needs to be made of heavy-duty materials, so you don’t have to think about bringing it in. For colder months, consider adding a heated bird bath.

How to choose the right solar bird bath?

Size of the pump

  • Bear in mind that you should base the size of the solar bird bath pump on the size of the fountain. There are specific considerations, including the water amount that you would like to pump, whether it be low or high volume.
  • This also brings in the height at which the pump is able to regulate the water.


  • Bird bath manufacturers use different types of materials for constructing these beautiful garden add-ons. You can go for metal bird baths featuring brass or copper. They are durable but are prone to rust if you don’t maintain them properly.
  • Glass, shell, and stone mosaics are also available. They look classy but are delicate. This isn’t the case with marble.
    It all boils down to your personal preferences.

Double or single-tiered fountain

  • You can choose a single-tiered fountain or a double one. However, the double-tiered fountains look good in large outdoor spaces and the single-tiered fountains are good space savers because of their small size.

Power and size of the solar panel

  • If you are looking to run the fountain 24/7, it is going to need a high powered solar panel.
  • If the size of the pump is large and it will circulate plenty of water, then you will need a large solar panel for that too. But of course, for a large unit, you will need to have a large space.

Best Solar Bird Bath

1. Furniture Creations Wishing Well Solar Fountain

Furniture Creations has made this bird bath and fountain using poly-resin and stone-powder. This bird bath looks exceptional and is 25-inch high.

The 15.375-inch wide bowl is ideal for all kinds of small birds to come and have fun in it. They can splash around all they want in this bird bath under the fountain.

It has a fieldstone imitation design and it looks as if it has just come out of a manor garden. 

There are two tiers of bowls where the water will circulate and fall in. You will also get a solar pump and an electric adapter.

However, this bird bath is not suitable for regions with extreme weather.

Check the price of Furniture Creations Solar Fountain here

What we liked

  • Made of poly-resin material with stone imitation
  • Comes with a solar panel and an electric adapter
  • Two-tier bowl with plenty of space for the birds to enjoy themselves
  • Will fit in any outdoor space

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

2. Garden Style Solar Bird Bath Fountain

This solar fountain adds a modern-day convenience to your beloved garden with its solar power capabilities. 

In terms of looks, this fountain has a traditional finish of oil-bronze that will add to the beauty of your surroundings.

This fountain will run on demand and it is not limited to work only when the sun is out. 

This will allow you to save energy and the fountain will be able to run on anything to keep the show going.

The extra power is stored in the battery, so your fountain will continue to run even when the sun goes down.

On the solar pane, there is an on/off switch. This switch allows you to operate your fountain whenever you want it. You can conveniently place this fountain even in tight corners because it won’t take much space.

Check the price of Garden Style Solar Fountain here

What we liked

  • Elegant oil-bronze finishing provides a traditional look to your garden
  • The double-tiered fountain provides extra space
  • The battery can store solar energy allowing you to run the fountain even when the sun is down
  • An on/off switch to run the fountain on demand

What we didn’t like

  • Requires a lot of sunshine to run efficiently

3. Viajero Solar Fountain Pump

This solar fountain pump comes with a 2.5W solar panel that works in tendon with an 800mAh battery. 

They both continue to work for the entire day.

This fountain will carry on its operation even if 3 or 4 of the panels are covered with organic debris. 

The solar panels are covered with PET lamination to keep them safe from elements.

This floating fountain just requires a pool of water where you can place and the birds will come habitually.

Nevertheless, you will need a pool big enough to place this fountain.

Check the price of Viajero Solar Fountain Pump here

What we liked

  • Use this fountain to convert any pool into your bird bath even your swimming pool
  • Solar panels have PET lamination to keep them safe from external elements
  • 800mAh battery works with the solar panel to keep the show on for an entire day

What we didn’t like

  • Not your typical bird bath and only a fountain

4. SmartSolar Solar Bird Bath

This is a heavy-duty bird bath that will maintain its position even in extreme conditions

This bird bath has a nice and compact design. You can conveniently place it anywhere in your garden, patio, or balcony.

It looks pretty nice, but I need to mention the fact that it is only operable in direct sunlight. 

So this is not the right option if you live in an area that doesn’t see much sun.

SmartSolar has made it with fiberglass and reinforced it with concrete

This is a traditional single-tiered bird bath. It attracts birds when it is running.

Check the price of SmartSolar Solar Bird Bath here

What we liked

  • Compact size, fit in anywhere
  • Concrete reinforced fiberglass construction for durability
  • Low to no maintenance

What we didn’t like

  • No backup power and will only operate under sun
  • Not resistant to shock or impact

5. SmartSolar Ceramic Bird Bath

This elegantly designed SmartSolar bird bath is made of ceramic. 

With the vibrant blue finishing, this bird bath looks stunning. 

It also features a solar panel that can absorb the energy from the sun and power the fountain.

You don’t want to move it around too much because it is delicate and prone to breaking. 

This is a fountain that focuses more on the looks of your garden, while of course, attracting a few birds in the process as well.

Check the price of SmartSolar Ceramic Bird Bath here

What we liked

  • Looks extremely elegant and exquisite with blue finishing
  • The solar panel can absorb the energy that powers the fountain
  • Best for wide areas and large gardens

What we didn’t like

  • Heavy to left and move around
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