Hummingbird Symbolism & Meaning (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

portrait of a hummingbird

Hummingbirds are some of the most incredible creatures on Earth. Their seemingly happy and carefree flight has something magic.

These tiny birds are an important figure in culture and folklore. The unique characteristics of these birds made them an important spiritual symbol. Let’s learn more about the hummingbird symbolism and what it means worldwide.

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Hummingbird Symbolism and Meaning

The smallest birds in the world have fascinated people since ancient times. The hummingbird’s interesting characteristics attracted people’s attention and made it a powerful symbol.

To understand what does a hummingbird symbolizes, we first must learn about the bird’s traits.

The hummingbird can fly backward, and its wings beating up to 80 times per second create an insect-like sound. Hearing this buzzing sound around the flowers reminds us of little things in life and their importance.

Hummingbirds represent small things in life and their meaning. A hummingbird flying reminds us to enjoy life and simple pleasures. 

hummingbird flying

Like the tiny bird seeking the flowers’ nectar, we should be looking at what’s good in life.The hummingbird is capable of flying long distances to reach the destination. 

This is why the hummingbird symbol is associated with endurance and perseverance. A hummingbird’s fly reminds us to be adaptable and accept changes.

The symbolism of the hummingbird is also linked to the idea of eternity and infinity. Bird’s wings move in the pattern of figure eight, the ancient symbol of continuity. 

So what does it mean when you see a hummingbird? The hummingbird symbolic meaning is a positive one. Hummingbirds mean we must expect love, joy, and good luck. 

Hummingbird Native American Symbolism

The symbolism of hummingbirds is significant for the Native American tribes and the South American populations. 

Hummingbird myths depict the tiny bird as a healer or a spirit sent to help people. Some legends represent the hummingbird as the fire bringer.

The Northwest Coast Native American tribes have hummingbird clans. The clan animal is carved on a hummingbird totem pole and proudly displayed. 

A beautiful Cherokee legend tells a story about the hummingbird retrieving the tobacco plant from the evil goose Dagul’ku. An older woman was dying without tobacco, and the hummingbird saved her life by bringing back the plant.

two hummingbirds flying

People believed that the Native American hummingbird was created from flowers. This is why the bird returns every spring to show its gratitude to flowers.

Hopi tribes have a hummingbird kachina, Tocha kachina. The Hopi hummingbird legend tells how the tiny bird asked the God of fertility to restore the land.

Mojave folklore tells about people living underground in darkness until the hummingbird found a path to the upper world.

The Native American hummingbird meaning is associated with healing, wisdom, endurance. The little bird is also a messenger sent from heaven. 

Hummingbird Eastern Symbolism

Hummingbirds are not indigenous to Asia, so any Asian myths related to these birds are relatively new and borrowed.

Like other birds’ symbolism, hummingbirds are associated with joy, freedom, prosperity, and good luck.

So why are hummingbirds good luck signs? This tiny bird is a natural spectacle. Displaying a multitude of colors and hovering over flowers, the hummingbird is a tireless life force.

The hummingbirds’ characteristics made it a feng shui symbol used to attract the beneficial chi force and, subsequently, good luck.

The ancient art of Feng Shui teaches us to hang hummingbirds’ pictures in nurseries to attract good luck and purity.

portrait of a hummingbird

In China, birds are associated with good news, and the hummingbird is no different. According to Feng Shui, hanging hummingbird charms in your home or office brings you success. 

The images or bird charms must be displayed in the southwestern corners of your house. 

As stated previously, the hummingbirds are not native to Asia. But this fact did not stop the Asian artists to depict the tiny bird in their creations. 

Usually painted or drawn next to flowers, the hummingbird meaning refers to small things that can bring joy and happiness. We should only pay more attention.

Hummingbird Christianity symbolism

The biblical meaning of hummingbird relates to the bird’s ability to spread joy and playfulness. According to the Bible, every creature is a gift from the Almighty. The Holy Book features many stories where God’s creatures carry essential symbolism. 

There is no hummingbird bible verse; however, many Christian sayings can be interpreted according to the hummingbird’s traits.

Let’s see what do hummingbirds symbolize!

The hummingbird symbolism in the bible is connected to death but not in a negative way. The tiny bird is seen as a messenger from the other side, bringing good news from the loved ones who passed.

hummingbird flying

The hummingbird sign from heaven comes to you when you mourn and feel lost. Hummingbird symbolism death means that the one who departed is happy now, and you should be too.

Hummingbird meaning the bible is teaching us that we should live in the present rather than thinking of the past. The hummingbird message is that you can find sweetness only within. Hanging on the past will not help. 

Hummingbird metaphysical meaning shows you how to get over the bad experiences. Hummingbird symbolism bible reminds us to have the mind of an adult and the heart of a child.

Hummingbird Celtic Symbolism

Birds are an important symbol of ancient Celtic mythology and folklore. However, hummingbirds are not indigenous to Northern Europe, where Celtic populations lived. But the hummingbird symbology is very similar to the other birds’.

Ancient Celts believed that birds are messengers between mortals and the gods. The feathered creatures delivered prophecies and guidance from the divine. Druids were capable of shapeshifting into birds and transcendent high up in the sky.

Similar to the Celtic bird symbolism, the hummingbird was a messenger between the two worlds for the ancient Native American tribes. 

hummingbird flying

Perhaps, if the old Druids met the hummingbird, they would have included it in their rituals. The hummingbird’s shamanic meaning is very similar to the Druid lore. 

Birds represent the Air element that is associated with wisdom and deep thinking. And so is the hummingbird in Central American culture.

Like the ancient Celts revered birds for their courage, the Native American tribes appreciate the hummingbird for its bravery and endurance.

The hummingbird symbols are present in new neopagan religions that are inspired by the old Celtic mysteries. Although the tiny bird is not known to the Celtic world, the hummingbird spiritual meaning is universal.

Hummingbird African Symbolism

Africa is another region where hummingbirds are not present. There are no mentions of these magnificent birds in African folklore and mythology.

However, this will not stop the hummingbird from becoming your spirit animal.

The birds’ symbolism in Africa is related to fertility and fattening. The great birds’ migrations are arriving during the rainy seasons and bring fertility to the land.

Another common belief among African cultures is that birds represent the highest state of perfection. The human soul, when it reaches the highest form, becomes a bird.

The hummingbird spiritual significance in the New World is similar to the birds’ symbolism in Africa. 

portrait of a hummingbird

Furthermore, the African continent has its hummingbirds known as sunbirds. The sunbirds are feeding on nectar, just like hummingbirds. 

However, they are different. Killing a bird is a highly condemned act in Africa, just like haunting hummingbirds on the American continent.

Although we cannot say for sure what is the hummingbird significance for the ancient African cultures, nowadays, the tiny bird is an important symbol. 

Emblem of freedom and bringer of good luck, the hummingbird, is the spirit animal for many African people. Connecting the material and spiritual worlds, the hummingbird messenger brings joy and relief.

Hummingbird in Dreams

The hummingbird dream meaning represents a positive omen. Seeing a hummingbird in a dream means that good luck is approaching. These good things might affect your love life, career, or even spiritual life.

Seeing hummingbirds feeding in your dream means that you should start enjoying life and stop worrying about little things. To dream of hummingbird flying might indicate that you are unable to commit to a relationship. 

You love your freedom, and boundaries make you feel uneasy. A hummingbird dream brings to your attention a project that you started.

group of hummingbirds eating nectar

This project or idea has great potential, and you should give it more attention. If you dream of a hummingbird sitting on your palm, it means you have some new desires for which you work very hard to fulfill them. 

Perhaps if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you will see the answer.

Dreaming of a yellow hummingbird means that you will soon have the opportunity to achieve recognition and success.

To summarize, the hummingbird dreams have positive meanings. Hummingbird energy comes in our night time stories to give us the boost we need to fight for success.

Hummingbird Encounters and Omens

As we have seen so far, the hummingbird symbolizes only positive things. Encountering the hummingbird omen foretells good news and positive changes.

So what does it mean when a hummingbird comes around? When a hummingbird is visiting you, it brings good news. If you passed through difficult times, the hummingbird tells you that it’s over. 

Also, if the tiny bird visits you after someone’s death, it means that you will heal. The hummingbird represents a reminder to follow your dreams without letting obstacles stop you.

The hummingbird’s hovering meaning is associated with patience. Perhaps you feel your efforts do not pay off. The hummingbird tells you to trust your abilities and not to give up.

two hummingbirds flying

The hummingbird eye contact is a sign that you should be happier and optimist. Many people who looked at a hummingbird in its eyes said they felt a sudden joy.

The dead hummingbird superstition has ancient origins as the Native American populations revered these birds. Dead hummingbird symbolism is that you are ready for commitment.

The hummingbird superstition is not something to worry about or scare. We learned that the meaning of a hummingbird appearance carries a deep positive symbolism. So be happy when you meet this tiny bird.

Hummingbird Mythology and Folklore

The hummingbird is an important figure in American ancient populations’ mythology. We already spoke about the Native American tribes from the Northside of the continent. Let’s see what does a hummingbird represents for the ancient civilizations from Central America.

The Mayans believed that the sun took a hummingbird’s shape when he pursued a beautiful woman that was the moon. 

Mayan names for birds generally relate to the sound made by feathers. Not only the Mayans but other cultures, too, believed that hummingbird feathers had magic powers. The Gods strictly forbade humans to kill the hummingbirds.

We cannot discuss the hummingbird mythology without talking about the hummingbird Aztec god Huitzilopochtli. Huitzilopochtli was depicted as a half-man half hummingbird creature, the powerful God of the sun, war, and human sacrifice.

hummingbird flying

Inca populations believed the hummingbird was a messenger from heaven.  

Colibri bird meaning is significant for the Taino population in Puerto Rico. Similar to the Aztec hummingbird, the Colibri is a sacred symbol for the Taino Indians.

A hummingbird story tells about the forbidden love between two young people from rival tribes. The boy and the girl escaped the tribes’ judgment by becoming a hummingbird and a red flower.

To the Chaima Indians from Trinidad, hummingbirds are dead ancestors, so harming these birds is considered taboo.

Hummingbird Spirit Animal

The hummingbird spirit animal appears to those who need to change something and seek guidance. Hummingbird spirit guide comes to you as a reminder that you should love life and its little pleasures.

Hummingbird spirit encourages you to open up your soul and let your loved ones see what you feel for them. The symbolic meaning of a hummingbird is that you should focus on love.

If you have the spirit animal hummingbird, you need to trust your inborn abilities. Allow your creativity to blossom. Seeing a hummingbird meaning is that you must be more flexible and adaptable.

Some people believe that hummingbirds carry messages from the angels. Similar to the Central American beliefs, the Christians see the tiny birds as heaven heralds.

The hummingbird angel sign delivers an important message: we must learn from past mistakes.

Hummingbirds sightings should be considered messages from your spirit animal. Maybe it’s time to stop preoccupy with the material side of life and focus on spiritual matters. 

The hummingbird’s spiritual meaning is associated with freedom. 

Your spirit animal wants you to appreciate your liberty. To understand what is the meaning of a hummingbird will help you find the best version of yourself.

Hummingbird Totem Animal

Hummingbirds have been totem animals since ancient times. Their beautiful and magical appearance inspired people to pay more attention to the hummingbird signs.

The hummingbird animal totem belongs to those who bring out the best of them. Just like your hummingbird sign, you are courageous, determined, and loyal.

Hummingbird totem teaches you how to accomplish the impossible and have fun all along. The hummingbird medicine totem will support your actions.

Hummingbird people are also very colorful and exuberant. They are in the center of attention but in a positive way. These people love to socialize and love people. Their entertaining attitude brings joy and happiness to others.

hummingbird eating a nectar

But, like any personality, the hummingbird totem people might display some negative traits. The hummingbird personality speaks of some emotional instability. Your mood is changing quickly without warning.

Your flight burns a lot of energy, allowing your body to recharge from time to time. The meaning of a hummingbird is a reminder of how to use the inner energy without harming yourself.

Various ideas fly around you, and all of them might seem appealing. However, you should consider if wasting time on frivolous matters is that important.

Remember to let the hummingbird spirit animal bring joy into your life.

Hummingbird Power Animal

The hummingbird power animal should be summoned when we lose our focus. Life has a special way to test us, and we need the hummingbird’s strengths to overcome the challenges.

Call the hummingbird spirit whenever you feel unable to control your emotions. Use the hummingbird medicine to heal your soul and find the right direction.

The hummingbird symbol meaning is associated with happiness and joy. It would be best if you summoned the tiny bird when life seems dull and boring.

Sometimes you might find yourself surrounded by negative people and their ideas make you pessimistic. 

hummingbird flying

Call the hummingbird spirit animal to help you deal with all the negativity. The hummingbird medicine will positively present the situation and will guide you towards resolution.

The hummingbird is an inspiration for many people. With the help of this power animal, you will be able to accomplish what seemed impossible until now.

Flying tirelessly and for long distances, the hummingbird is an example of endurance and determination. If you feel tired and lack energy, hummingbird medicine will show you how to preserve your stamina.

The meaning of hummingbirds in your life is that you are ready to embrace joy and positivity. It is time for you to shine and let others benefit from your optimistic nature.

Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

The hummingbird tattoo’s meaning differs from one person to another. Generally, the hummingbird representation on our bodies symbolizes speed, agility, or flexibility. 

However, for the people from Central America, the hummingbird is a powerful symbol of rebirth. Associating the hummingbird’s image with a flower means that we should see ourselves as part of nature. 

Numerous tattoo designs look amazing anywhere on the body. However, for small hummingbird tattoos, the most suitable places would be behind the ear, on your arm, or the wrist.

One of the most meaningful placements of a hummingbird tattoo is behind the ear as it seems the bird is listening to what you say.

illustration of a hummingbird

Some of the most interesting tattoo designs are watercolor hummingbird tattoos. This technique will add a vibrant feel to your tattoo and will bring colors to your life.

Another trendy design is a tribal hummingbird. This tattoo is the perfect choice if you want something bold that reminds of the ancient Native American tribes. Although the hummingbird is known as a bringer of color, the tribal tattoos look better in monochrome shades 

Regardless of design or size, make sure the hummingbird tattoo is meaningful to you. Learn about the hummingbird symbolism before getting inked.


The hummingbird represents an ancient symbol of joy and happiness. Its colorful appearance brings good luck and positive energy to our lives.

No matter what your challenges are, the hummingbird spirit animal is there to help and guide you. All you have to do is to summon the little feathery sparkle.

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