5 Best Bird Feeder Poles in 2020 (Yes, it Matters!)

bird feeder pole

One of the best things about birdwatching is that you don’t have to leave home to see great birds. A well placed feeder with an assortment of birdseed can attract a variety of native birds right outside your window!

Attracting birds with a bird feeder is a fairly simple past-time, but it’s not without its share of headaches. Many backyard birders love feeding native birds, but hate seeing their birdseed eaten by squirrels, raccoons, and deer. It’s important too for backyard birders to make sure to choose the right feeder system to attract a variety of birds year-round.

When choosing a feeder system it is helpful to map out your preferred feeder design. A great place to start is with the feeder pole itself.

The guide below will help you get started by offering suggestions and tips on choosing the perfect feeder pole for your yard.

We Recommend

Best feeding station

Ashman Deluxe
Feeding Station

Best tall option

Droll Yankees
Shepherd Hook

Best squirrel-proof

Squirrel Stopper
Pole & Baffle Set

Does It Really Matter Which Feeder Pole I Choose?

It’s important to choose the right feeder pole so that you can set up a feeding station perfect for your birdwatching pleasure. Here are the qualities birdwatchers hope to find in a feeder pole:

  • Sturdy – A solid feeder pole with strong ground support will be a benefit in the long run. Low-quality feeder poles can lean or even bend under the weight of certain feeders or perhaps the weight of a featherless critter looking for an easy meal.
  • Easy-to-Install – Some birdwatchers go to great lengths to install heavy duty bird feeder poles that are thick and sturdy. But just because the circumference of the feeder pole is larger doesn’t mean its better. Instead of pulling out the post hole digger, choose an easy-to-install feeder pole with built-in ground supports to make set-up a breeze. 
  • Accessible – A great feeder pole will be both accessible and inaccessible. It should be easy for you and the birds to reach but difficult for predators such as cats to reach. A feeder pole that is either too tall or too short may make refilling your bird feeders difficult or put the birds at risk of becoming a meal. 
  • Capable of Preventing Unwanted Visitors – A bird feeder is only as enjoyable as the birds that come to visit. It’s difficult for birds to become accustomed to your feeders when there are other animals visiting your feeders and eating all that’s been laid out. When choosing a feeder pole, make sure that it is squirrel proof or at the very least capable of supporting a baffle system.

Types of Feeder Poles

There are many different types of bird feeder poles and choosing the right one really depends on your birdwatching preferences and how much time you want to dedicate to this hobby. 

  • Wood vs. Metal– Wooden feeder posts can look more attractive depending on the set-up.  However, these posts tend to be blockier and more difficult to install. Metal feeder poles can be just as charming and much more simple to install.
  • Simple vs. Multi-Functioning– Some birdwatchers prefer the simplicity of a single-armed feeder pole, but this will limit the number of birds you may be able to see. A multi-functioning feeder pole, one that can accommodate multiple feeders and perhaps even a bird bath, will only increase the number of birds you may be able to attract to your yard.
  • Pest Proof– Pest proof feeder poles come in a variety of sizes. For larger pests, such as raccoons or deer, it may be necessary to install a heavy duty feeder pole that features some sort of deterrent that prevents these critters from getting into your feeders. For squirrels, typically a baffle feature will stop these clever creatures from scurrying up the pole to reach your birdseed.
  • Pole Diameter– Some poles have a smaller diameter near 1 inch. These poles have the potential to lean or bend from the weight of the feeder. An effective ground support system can offset this, however wider diameters–2 inches and higher–can also provide more stability for your feeder system. 

How Tall Should a Feeder Pole Be?

Bird feeder poles can be anywhere between 2 feet and 9 feet tall. Some may have a small 1/2   inch diameter, others may be as large as 3 inches. The feeder pole you choose really depends on you and where you plan to place it. 

Typically, a bird feeder should be between 5-6 feet from the ground. This allows the birds to feast safely, without having to worry about predators lurking from below such as cats. It’s also convenient because bird feeders at that height are easy to refill. 

However, some birds prefer to eat at lower or higher levels. It’s certainly not uncommon to see birds on the ground, such as sparrows, picking through the grass to find discarded seeds or unsuspecting insects. The same is true of birds who prefer food sources that may be higher up. 

Woodpeckers tend to prefer suet feeders that are higher up and within the familiar reaches of a tree. So it might be interesting for birdwatchers to place feeders at varying levels to see which heights the birds prefer. (1)

Tips for Installing Your Feeder Pole

Setting up a bird feeder pole is fairly simple, especially if you’ve chosen an easy-to-install feeder pole. 

Some will feature a built-in auger that you can easily screw straight into the ground. These built-in augers not only make installation easy but they also provided extra support. 

Other feeder poles may need to be hammered into the ground. No matter if you are augering or hammering a feeder pole, use a level to ensure that your feeder pole stays straight.

Here are a few other tips to help you find the ideal location for your bird feeder:

  • Place the feeder in a location where a bird would feel safe. Having a tree or shrub nearby where small birds can retreat help keep them safe from hawks and other predators. (2)
  • Having trees or shrubs nearby is great, but avoid having the feeder within 10 feet of overhanging trees or shrubs, especially if you have a problem with squirrels. Squirrels will quickly learn the best way to reach your bird feeders if you give them the opportunity. 
  • If your feeder is near a window, add opaque window decorations to help birds avoid flying into the glass.
  • Install a baffle system (if one is not already built-in). Baffles are a great way to deter pesky squirrels and other animals from eating your birdseed.

How to Choose the Best Feeder Pole

For the most part, that depends on you and the environment where you plan to place the feeder pole.

  • If you know you have a problem with squirrels then choosing a feeder pole that is squirrel proof would be your best option. You could still buy a feeder pole of your choice but it would probably be a good idea to add a baffle to it.  
  • Also, consider how many bird feeders you plan to set-up. Different feeder stations with different seeds will attract a variety of birds. If you’d like to maximize the number of birds that visit your yard, installing a feeder pole that has the option to hang multiple bird feeders would be a great choice.  
  • Some backyard birders may prefer a simple look or perhaps hope to attract a certain type of bird. A shepherd hook feeder pole with a thistle-seed bird feeder will attract finches, particularly goldfinches. These poles are easy to install and low-maintenance too.

Best Bird Feeder Poles

#1. Ashman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station

The Ashman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station does it all. If you are someone who wants to attract a variety of birds to your yard, this feeder pole may be the best option for you. 

At 91 inches this feeder pole is much taller than most others. It also includes a number of features such as different feeding stations that allow you to more fully customize your feeder system. 

This pole is highly versatile and comes with multiple options. There are 2 main hooks at the top of the feeder pole. These are fixed pieces. 

Below, however, you have the option of including 2 other smaller hooks, an open mesh feeding tray, and a plastic bird bath. These options are all adjustable and can be installed in any order you prefer.

Ashman Online is a trusted seller that specializes in garden decor. Their feeder poles are rust-resistant, sturdy, and beautifully designed. If for any reason you want to return this product, Ashman offers a no-questions-asked return policy. 

Check the price of Ashman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station here

What we liked

  • Easy-to-Install
  • Quality Build
  • Multifunctioning
  • Customizable
  • Water Bowl Included
  • Reasonable Price

What we didn’t like

  • Tall (Can be more difficult to add birdseed to your feeders.)

Size: 91 inches tall, 22 inches wide
Feeder spots: 4 Feeder Hooks, 1 Mesh Tray, and 1 Plastic Bird Bath
Animal proof: No, but baffle compatible.
Best for whom: Best for the birdwatcher hoping to attract many different kinds of birds to their backyard.

#2. Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set

The Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set is a heavy duty feeder pole with a strong, elegant design. 

This feeder pole is ideal for backyard birdwatchers who have issues with squirrels getting into their bird feeders. 

The unique Squirrel Stopper baffle is a compact inverted-cone design that is spring loaded. This highly-effective set-up is 100% squirrel proof.

The Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set is made of 16-gauge powder-coated steel. 

The pole itself is 2 inches in diameter and features a steel auger on the bottom to secure the feeder pole into the ground. This is a tall feeder pole that allows you to hang up to 8 feeders.

The Squirrel Stopper brand offers a simple, yet ingenious way to prevent squirrels from eating your birdseed. Their patented design is one of the best on the market.

Check the price of Squirrel Stopper Pole and Baffle Set here

What we liked

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fill
  • Built-in drain holes
  • Up to 15 birds can feed at once
  • Collapsible when not in use
  • Zinc-plated and rust-resistant
  • Durable all-metal construction

What we didn’t like

  • Not squirrel-proof, so will require the additional purchase of a squirrel baffle
  • Only compatible with sunflower seed

Size: 2 inches in diameter, 92 inches tall (when installed feeders should hang between 5-6 feet), 36 inches wide
Feeder spots
: 8
Animal proof: 100% Squirrel Proof
Best for whom: Best for the dedicated birdwatcher who is tired of squirrels eating their bird seed.

#3. Droll Yankees Shepherd Hook

The Droll Yankees Shepherd Hook is a high-quality simple shepherd hook setup that features a built-in “No Tilt” auger system and a 16-inch arm with a locking hook. 

This feeder pole stands at 77-inches and is 1-inch in diameter. The powder coated steel material is rust resistant and overall the design is sturdy. 

The classic shepherd hook is a great style for any backyard. Its simplicity lends to its charm. 

Although this pole has only one spot for a feeder, a devoted birdwatcher who consistently provides birdseed can attract a number of beautiful birds. 

A single thistle-seed bird feeder, for example, in the right location can attract dozens of goldfinch in the summer.

Droll Yankees is one of the most trusted names in the birdwatching community. 

Check the price of Droll Yankees Bird Feeder Pole here

What we liked

  • Classic Shepherd Hook Style
  • “No-Tilt” Auger
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Rust Resistant
  • Trusted Brand
  • Locking Hook
  • Made in the USA

What we didn’t like

  • Only 1 feeder spot

Size: 1 inch in diameter, 77 inches tall, 16 inch arm
Feeder spots: 1
Animal proof: No, but baffle compatible.
Best for whom: Best for the birdwatcher who may want to only maintain 1 bird feeder.

#4. 60-inch Single Hook Swinging Bird Feeder Pole

The 60-inch Single Hook Swinging Bird Feeder Pole is a clever design that brings the birds even closer! 

SwingArm USA specializes in designing feeder poles that affix easily to your porch or deck. With bird feeders this close you won’t even need binoculars.

The 60-inch Single Hook Swinging Bird Feeder is a heavy duty feeder pole capable of holding up to 25 lbs. 

This makes it ideal for holding larger squirrel-proof bird feeders or even a bird feeder/baffle combo. 

This feeder pole system may seem like a long reach, but the swinging arm design makes it easy to bring your bird feeder closer for when you need to refill your birdseed.

Check the price of Single Hook Swinging Bird Feeder Pole here

What we liked

  • Heavy Duty
  • Swing Arm
  • Easy Refill Height
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Installation Requires Some Tools
  • Squirrels May Be Able to Reach Feeder

Size: 60 inches
Feeder spots: 1
Animal proof: No
Best for whom: Best for the birdwatcher who likes the birds to come as close as their porch.

#5. Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof Arm

Another no-fuss option with the classic double arm is the Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm bird feeder pole

This feeder pole system features 2 feeder arms and a squirrel proof baffle system

The Kettle Moraine Squirrel Proof 2 Arm is easy-to-install and includes a built in auger that makes set up simple.

Kettle Moraine offers quality products and great customer service. 

They specialize in building gorgeous wooden bird feeders and bird houses, which would be a perfect addition to this feeder pole setup.

What we liked

  • Built-in Auger
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Made in USA
  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Squirrel Proof
  • Customer Service

What we didn’t like

  • The price

Size: 1 inch in diameter, 85 inches tall, 12 inch arms
Feeder spots: 2
Animal proof: Squirrel Proof
Best for whom: Best for the birdwatcher who may want to set up 2 low-maintenance feeding stations.

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