12 Auto Focus Binoculars That Actually Work (2021)

Are you tired of constantly adjusting the focus on your binoculars? We know the feeling. The solution is the right pair of auto focus binoculars, which provide a pre-focused view and HD clarity. The only binocular adjustment you have to do while using auto focus binoculars is your eye relief. Here are the best auto focus binoculars to get you back on the trails.

We Recommend

Best price/value ratio

Steiner 8×30 MM30

Best for the money

SightMark Solitude 10×42

Best budget option

Bushnell 12×50 Spectator

Auto focus binoculars

1. SightMark Solitude 10x42LRF Auto Focus Binoculars

The SightMark Solitude automatic focusing binoculars feature a 42mm diameter objective lens that can zoom your target with a 10x fixed magnification. 

The clarity these binoculars can achieve is simply top-notch. The laser-equipped rangefinding binoculars are best suited for hunters. 

The accuracy that these binoculars can achieve is up to 1200 yards. If you are short to a mid-range shooter, this device is the right option for you. 

The binoculars are very simple to use as they feature a simple 2-button operation. 

With the LCD, your images and views won’t give a washed-out experience, especially in broad daylight. The body of these binoculars is tough yet lightweight and has rubber armor on it. 

SightMark has also made them water-resistant with nitrogen purged o-ring seals. Therefore, you can use them comfortably in different conditions. The adjustable eyecups of these self adjusting binoculars make them comfortable even if you wear glasses. 

What we liked

  • Excellent fog and water performance
  • Max range of up to 1200 yards
  • Good for mid-range shooters
  • Comes with nylon casing, lens cover, and neck strap
  • Rubber armored body for impact resistance
  • Top-notch optics including BaK4 roof prism and fully multi-coated lenses
  • Comfortable to use with eyeglasses
  • Integrated laser rangefinder for better accuracy 

What we didn’t like

  • A narrow field of view 
  • Not suitable for long-range hunters

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 42 mm
Magnification: 10x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 261 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Roof prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 19 mm
Weight: 33 oz

2. Steiner 20x80 M80 Military Auto Focus Binoculars

The Steiner M80 auto focus binoculars feature an objective lens of 80mm that allows you to zoom in with a fixed 20x magnification. 

That’s a lot of power and if you are looking for some good dim light performance, these binoculars won’t disappoint you. 

Auto focusing binoculars are user-friendly and you can use them in different conditions. 

You can practice them in an urban setup or the wilderness and can take a peek from a ridge. 

Steiner is an optics brand that is well known for its low-light performing optics and is a preferred choice for military and law enforcement personnel.

The construction of these no focus binoculars makes them impact-resistant and waterproof with rubber armoring. As these Steiner auto focus binoculars feature quality optics, they are slightly heavy. If you have shaky hands, using them at higher zooms will put you at a disadvantage. 

What we liked

  • High-quality Porro Bak4 prism 
  • Bigger objective lens for excellent dim light conditions 
  • Excellent all-weather performance 
  • NBR rubber armor for durability and performance 
  • Multiple accessories included with the purchase
  • Features MIL-spec crosshair
  • Fully multi-coated optics for clarity  
  • User-friendly

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t come with an image stabilizer
  • Short eye relief
  • Narrow field of view 

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 80 mm
Magnification: 20x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 195 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 13 mm
Weight: 68.1 oz

3. Steiner 8x30 MM30 Military Auto Focus Marine Binoculars

The Steiner MM30 auto focus binoculars come with military and marine-grade features, tough body, and solid optics. 

Furthermore, they not only feature a decent amount of zoom but can also provide you with a great field of view. 

The 30mm objective lens of these binoculars can allow you to use 8x magnification along with 390 feet of FoV at 1000 yards. 

With the fully multi-coated objective lens, you won’t have to adjust the focus and will be on your target quicker. 

It is made of Steiner’s signature NBR rubber armor that makes the automatic focus binoculars impact resistant and the best option for on-field use. These binoculars also come with multiple accessories making you ready to take on any situation out there. 

What we liked

  • Quality Porro Prism for excellent light transmission
  • Long eye relief making the binoculars suitable to use with eyeglasses
  • Broader field of view even with an 8x magnification 
  • NBR rubber armoring for shock absorption
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Fog and waterproofing
  • Perfect for marine applications like fishing, sailing, and boating

What we didn’t like

  • Don’t come with any image stabilization features
  • Not that great in low-light conditions

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
Magnification: 8x
Lens Coating: Multi-coated
Field of View: 390 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 20 mm
Weight: 17.6 oz

4. Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Auto Focus Binoculars

The Steiner Navigator Pro auto focus binoculars work in dim lights. 

The 50mm objective lens these binoculars come with can gather more light and provide you with an image that is clear and bright.

With a 7x magnification, you can focus on distant objects and zoom in whenever you want. 

Despite a good magnification, these binoculars also come with a workable field of view of 370 feet at 1000 yards. 

You can have a clear view of what’s going on around your target. 

These self focus binoculars feature quality Porro prism making them slightly delicate to use but with Steiner’s NBR rubber armoring, this device is good to use on the field. 

Your binoculars are resistant to water and you can use them in different conditions. You will be on your target no matter what. 

What we liked

  • Wider field of view even at 7x magnification
  • High contrast optical coating to make things visible even in dark conditions
  • Completely weather resistant and water submersible
  • Rubber armored for durability 
  • Long eye relief making it suitable to use with eyeglasses
  • A great choice to work in low light conditions with a larger objective lens
  • High-contrast optical coating for better dim light performance 

What we didn’t like

  • A bit bulkier to use 
  • Not for longer ranges

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 7x
Lens Coating: High contrast
Field of View: 370 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Roof Prism Phase Coated Bak4
Eye Relief: 20 mm
Weight: 36.3 oz

5. Barska 9x25mm Compact Focus Free Binoculars

These Barska Focus Free binoculars emphasize on budget-friendliness and compactness in size. 

These binoculars come with an objective lens of 25mm and feature a 9x magnification, which is pretty good for their size. 

The focus free binocular will serve you well if you want a good device in a stadium or anywhere else where you don’t want to miss any action but at a mid to close range. 

Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to buy a device that is for long-range shooting or for viewing over water. 

As they are lightweight, these binoculars are easy to carry yet solid in construction with their rubberized armor. This auto focus binocular is suitable for mid-range wild-life observations as well. Your package will also include a carrying case and a neck strap.

What we liked

  • An excellent choice for easy carrying and immediate viewing
  • Best suited for sports and bird or wildlife observers
  • Fully coated optics for clarity
  • Rubber armor construction for durable performance 
  • Lens cover, neck strap, and carrying case included 
  • BK-7 Porro prism for clear mid to short-range viewing
  • Stylish and contemporary design 

What we didn’t like

  • Short eye relief 
  • Narrow field of view
  • No water resistivity

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 25 mm
Magnification: 9x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 299 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism BK-7
Eye Relief: 10 mm
Weight: 6.24 oz

6. Steiner 10x50 MM1050 Auto Focus Military-Marine Binoculars

The Steiner MM1050 comes with 50mm objective lenses and features a 10x magnification. 

In most cases, when you have this much magnification available, the field view is not that high, but not with these auto focus binoculars. 

With the MM1050 military and marine-grade binoculars, you will get a field of view of 327 feet at 1000 yards. 

Therefore, you can keep a close eye on things at a distance. 

Due to these features, the MM1050 are suitable for the pros of the field and are the best choice for military and law enforcement applications. 

These fast focus binoculars are lightweight; still, they can also resist an impact of 11 Gs. Therefore, if you are a hunter who likes to work in demanding conditions, then the MM1050 binoculars will prove to be your good companion. 

What we liked

  • A good magnification coupled with a wider field of view
  • Larger objective lens diameter for excellent dim light conditions
  • NBR rubber armoring for impact resistance 
  • Multiple accessories included
  • The floating prism system ensures rigidity upon impact 
  • Easy to carry with a compact construction 
  • Comfortable to use for long observations 

What we didn’t like

  • No image stabilization technology 
  • Not for short-range viewing 
  • Its carrying case is not very durable 

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 10x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 327 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 17 mm
Weight: 35.2 oz

7. Night Owl Optics Nexgen Fixed Focus Night Vision Binoculars

The Night Owl Nexgen auto focus binoculars come with a 24mm objective lens and feature 2x magnification. 

These night-vision goggles feature Generation 1 night vision and will make sure nothing misses your eye even in pitch black conditions. 

These no focusing binoculars are made to be used out in the field and can work in any conditions. 

You won’t have to focus on your target as your NVG Nexgen will do that for you in an instant. 

There are a couple of light intensifier tubes present in these binoculars and ensure the maximum amount of light is gathered to produce a clear-cut image that allows you to see your target even in the dark. 

These binoculars also come with an inbuilt IR illuminator that allows you to view your target without giving away your position. Night Owl has used all-glass optics for these binoculars to assure high-quality.

What we liked

  • These binoculars have rubber finishing making them strong and durable
  • Very easy to handle and grip in one hand
  • THE inbuilt IR illuminator allows you to see in the dark
  • Precise viewing and max light gathering with two light intensifier tubes 
  • Quick to focus and easy to use
  • Ideally suitable for short-range viewing 
  • Long-lasting battery 

What we didn’t like

  • Low magnification
  • Fixed zooming
  • Not the ideal option to use in broad daylight

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
Magnification: 2x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 190 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Center Focus Roof Prism
Eye Relief: 12 mm
Weight: 25.3 oz

8. Bushnell 12X50 Spectator Sport Porro Permafocus Binoculars

These Bushnell auto focus binoculars feature 50mm objective lenses with 12x magnification. 

They make sure you get the best performance in any light condition. 

If you are looking for quality at an affordable price, there is no better option you can choose. 

Bushnell has produced these binoculars to ensure you can zoom in your target no matter what your purpose is. 

These binoculars are good to use for hunters as well as general observers. Bushnell has equipped these binoculars with quality Porro BaK4 prism crisper images. You won’t have to deal with any washed-out images no matter what the conditions are. 

These insta focus binocular devices come with a 50mm objective lens and can gather the maximum amount of light available from the surroundings, so you can have a cellar view of things. And of course, with the automatic focus feature, you can quickly pan across the area to see the proceedings. 

What we liked

  • High magnification for better closer observations
  • Larger diameter objective lens for better dim light performance 
  • Easy to grip and comfortable to carry
  • Adaptable to multiple accessories 
  • An excellent choice for general viewing
  • Great budget option 
  • Porro prism design for better light transmission

What we didn’t like

  • Short eye relief making these binoculars not suitable to use with eyeglasses
  • Fixed magnification 

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 12x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 265 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 11 mm
Weight: 31 oz

9. Konus 10x50 Wide Angle Auto Focus Binoculars

These Konus versatile wide-angle auto focus binoculars feature 10x magnification with 50mm objective lenses and are always ready to use.

If you are looking for a viewing device that allows you to quickly catch a moving scene, the Konus binoculars 10×50 would be a good choice. 

The images will be sharp as ever and work great when the light conditions are bright. 

But even if the light conditions are not in your favor, these binoculars will continue to do what they do best and that is to provide you with clear and sharp images.

A lot of credit goes to the Ruby coated optics these binoculars have. The light that enters the tubes of these binoculars creates a brighter image and you will never miss out on any action. 

Plus, the binoculars can manage an FoV of 288 feet per 1000 yards, even if you can zoom in at 10x magnification. Just make sure you don’t have shaky hands and all will be good.  

What we liked

  • The binoculars come with a lens cover, a shoulder strap, and a tissue case
  • Rubber casing ensures that the device stands the test of time
  • Wide-angle view even at high magnification
  • Ruby coated optics for clearer viewing
  • Tripod adaptability is available
  • Best choice for viewing sporting events
  • Top-notch performance in bright light conditions

What we didn’t like

  • Fixed magnification
  • No hard over available
  • Not suitable for shaky hands

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 10x
Lens Coating: Ruby coated
Field of View: 288 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 18 mm
Weight: 27 oz

10. Tasco 7x35 Focus Free Binoculars

These Tasco auto focus binoculars come with a smaller objective lens and a lesser magnification like the 7x35mm Tasco binoculars. 

These binoculars come with a Porro prism system. Therefore, even with a smaller objective lens, you will get clarity and sharpness. 

Moreover, these binoculars have an extra-wide field of view of 488 feet at 1000 yards. Tesco has used fully multi-coated optics and the device only measures 20 oz in weight. 

Your purchase will include a strap and a case; the body of these binoculars is made of rubber to make them impact resistant and the eye-cups of these binoculars have a fold-down construction. The design of these binoculars also makes them suitable to be used with a tripod.

What we liked

  • Folding down eyecups ensure easy storage
  • Rubberized armor for better impact resistivity 
  • Lightweight construction for easy carrying
  • Wide field of view even at higher zooms 
  • Porro prism system for extra sharpness 
  • Simple to operate and quick to focus
  • Tripod adaptability is there

What we didn’t like

  • Not the best option for shaky hands
  • Short eye relief
  • Not made for hunting or shooting

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 35 mm
Magnification: 7x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 488 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 12 mm
Weight: 20 oz

11. Bushnell 10X40 Spectator Sport Roof Permafocus Binoculars

These Bushnell auto focus binoculars come with 40mm objective lenses and are good enough to produce sharper images even in dim lights. 

They also come with a 10x magnification with an FoV of 305 feet at 100 yards. 

Hence, you can comfortably view what you want with enough details. These features make binoculars ideally suitable for a range of different activities. 

You can use them on the field for hunting, shooting, and wildlife observation. 

They are pretty lightweight to use with hands and you can even hold them long without getting tired. 

However, if you wear eyeglasses, these binoculars might not be a suitable option for you because they come with a mid to short eye relief of 14mm. 

One of the reasons why these binoculars are light is because they feature roof prism BaK4, which is a lighter system than Porro.

What we liked

  • A large objective lens that can gather more light 
  • Clearer, sharper and better images in broad daylight
  • Works well in dim light environments as well
  • Lightweight construction for long hour usage
  • Even at high magnification, you get a wider FoV of 305 feet at 1000 yards
  • Compatible with multiple accessories by Bushnell
  • User-friendly controls

What we didn’t like

  • Non-fixed magnification
  • Short eye relief 
  • Not for long-range professionals

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm
Magnification: 10x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 305 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Roof Prism Bak4
Eye Relief: 14 mm
Weight: 19.8 oz

12. Barska 10 x 50mm Focus Free Binoculars

The Barska 10×50 Focus Free binoculars boast a 50mm objective lens with 10x magnification. 

These auto focus binoculars will keep you in touch with the on-field action when there is so much happening and you don’t have much time to focus. 

When it comes to covering a wide area at high magnification, these are perhaps the best auto focus binoculars. 

Even at full zoom of 10x, you can enjoy a wide FoV of 367 feet at 1000 yards. 

These binoculars can manage this feat with the help of the Porro BK-7 prism system and fully multi-coated lenses. 

Despite all the large numbers in the optics, these binoculars are very lightweight. The rubber armor design ensures a comfortable grip even in one hand. These binoculars are suitable for any activity that involves a lot of action. 

What we liked

  • A neck strap and a carrying case included
  • Wide field of view even at high zooms 
  • Fully multi-coated optics for a cleaner, sharper images
  • Lightweight and easy to grip with one hand
  • Porro prism system for crystal clear viewing
  • A good choice for long-range viewing as well
  • Immediate viewing with quick autofocus

What we didn’t like

  • No water resistivity
  • Shorter eye relief

Focus system: Fixed auto focus
Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Magnification: 10x
Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated
Field of View: 367 feet at 1,000 yards
Prism Type: Porro Prism Bak7
Eye Relief: 15 mm
Weight: 19.04 oz

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Central focus knob vs. individual eye focus

There are two types of focus controls in binoculars. Some binoculars come with central focus knobs and some binoculars have individual eye focus controls. 

Central focus knob

The binoculars that feature a central focus knob or a central wheel for focusing can provide you with clear images. 

With this central knob, you can conveniently focus both the tubes simultaneously. You can even move both the lenses at the same time. It’s just a convenience and a real time saver on the field when there is a lot of activity going on. 

Some manufacturers provide very sturdy controls, while others keep them smooth. Smoother focusing is better suited for dynamic applications. Central focusing design is more ergonomic and allows you to use gloves. 

These binoculars are user-friendly, which is why they are more commonly used. However, at times you might see these binoculars are not entirely waterproof as well. 

Individual eye focusing

In this system, you will have to focus each of the tubes separately. There is a diopter adjustment ring present on the upper side of each tube. 

These rings have diopters with numbers for a proper understanding of moving the lens separately.

Most of the binoculars don’t feature this setting and you will find it in binoculars with Porro prisms. Individual eye focusing is better suited for low light conditions and these are built to resist external elements as well. 

But there are some demerits you have to deal with when using individual eye focusing. With these viewing devices, the close focus range is bigger and the eye relief these binoculars come with is also on the shorter side. 

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Types of Auto Focus Binoculars

Autofocus and self focusing binoculars are very confusing terms. It is primarily because the manufacturers use these terms for marketing. 

These devices can be more accurately called always in focus binoculars or focus-free binoculars. There are two different types of auto focus binoculars available on the market. There are always in focus binoculars and individually focus binoculars. 

Always in focus binoculars

Always in focus binoculars are great for immediate viewing. If you don’t like to adjust the focus of your binoculars, these are the devices you need to choose. 

These viewing devices don’t come with any focusing system. Manufacturers design them with a long depth of view, which can be around 40 feet to infinity. Hence, they have a large hyperfocal distance. 

Individual focus binoculars

On the other hand, the individual focus binoculars don’t have any single focus wheel. You can adjust both the tubes individually with the help of using two different diopter adjustment controls. 

These controls are on the eyepieces and you can change the focus independently for both your eyes.These diopters are suitable for the people who have a different vision of their left and right eye. 

Despite providing you with individual control for each of your eyes, you still don’t get that close focus range that always in focus binoculars can manage.

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How do auto focus binoculars work?

These binoculars use your eye’s natural ability to focus. This is where these devices get their name “autofocus.” The autofocus binoculars use the lens fitted at each end of the scope.

One of these lenses is the objective lens that is used to focus on the object. Whereas the other end is the eyepiece lens that helps the human eye to see an object.

The first lens (objective lens) receives light from the object and passes it on to the eyepiece lens to make a vibrant image. The eyepiece lens is then used to magnify the object and be seen at a close distance.

All this process takes instantly and you feel like your binocular is autofocusing on the distant object.

There are two types of autofocus binoculars, one comes with an option to adjust the focusing barrels and the second one comes without adjustment options. These binoculars possess a fixed depth of view that is from around 30 ft. up to infinity.

The binoculars that come with an adjustment option work according to your eyesight. You just have to adjust the diopter that is present on the eyepiece according to your sight. When you are done with it, the binoculars don’t need any further adjustment. 

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